Here are 4 typical reasons why our clients work with us

Why do people work with interior designers?

Here are 4 reasons why clients have typically worked with us.

  1. A clash of styles. Our clients described themselves as hopelessly at odds with one another over home improvements. They needed help to work out a design which suited them both.
  2. No time or enough creative flair. This client knew what she liked, but had neither the time or the creative flair to put it all together.
  3. Overwhelm. This is a common reason. One couple we worked with were moving into a much larger property, which was to be a long term family home. With another baby on the way they needed to furnish it for the longer term, but felt daunted by the scope and size of the task ahead and lacking in the confidence to do it themselves.
  4. New to the area. Our clients were new to the Cotswolds with a house that needed updating. They had no local contacts or knowledge. On top of that they wanted a complete change of aesthetic and knew they needed help to accomplish both aspects.

In all of these situations clients wanted to do it once and do it right which is why they called in professional help.

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Room shot photography by Nikki Kirk of Carlé & Moss