Differing design tastes was the primary interior design stumbling block for the owners of this main bedroom in a lovely Edwardian house. It led to a stalemate with no progress being made for several years, and regular disagreements along the way – “No more florals”…. ‘no TV in the bedroom’……bright colours v muted tones….etc etc

So we were called in, bringing our tool kit of techniques, we found out what was important to each of them and ushered them onto the same page design wise.

The results delighted to the owners who describe it as a ‘Magical Room that’s a joy to enter’.

In layout terms, removing the fitted wardrobes allowed the room to feel more spacious, be better laid out and a decorative fireplace reinstated.

Differing ceiling heights and shapes was another hurdle to overcome.

The room was spacious, and the oversized headboard leant balance to that side of the room against the howard style chair and side table in the bay. The slightly sheened wallpaper toned with more muted shades for him, and bursts of colour for her.

These custom details such as the bespoke rug, ottoman and headboard, the braiding on the bed linen can all be yours when you work with us. Touches that can’t be found on mass market, high street products. Details which make a scheme standout, and feel personal and unique.

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